5 Types Of Surgeries You Can Get For A Bad Shoulder

Have you ever woken up after a sound sleep, only to have your shoulder cry out in pain? Perhaps you slept at an odd angle or accidentally hit something in your sleep, making the ache reverberate against your bones. But no matter the cause, shoulder pain can significantly impact your day-to-day life. Not only does it cause a delay in your everyday routine, but it also limits your movements.

In some cases, shoulder pain can get so intense that the only way to treat it is through surgery. While this might sound scary, there are different types of shoulder surgery for every problem. To learn more about the types of surgery, keep on reading this article.

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Different Types of Shoulder Surgery

Your shoulder is quite diverse, with numerous functions to take charge of. This is why there are multiple types of surgeries dedicated to it. From minimally invasive surgeries to open procedures, there is a wide variety to choose from. However, Dr. Michael Cusick, MD, chooses a surgical option only when needed. That, too, is based on the injury. For instance, a labral tear requires a labrum repair, whereas removing an inflamed shoulder tissue might call for an arthroscopic surgery.

With his expertise and experience, Dr. Cusick takes great care in restoring his patient’s health to the fullest. Take a look below to see some of the surgeries he offers for shoulder-related troubles.

  1. Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery
    Arthroscopic surgery is by far the most minimally invasive type of surgery. It involves a small camera and certain instruments that are inserted through small incisions into the patient’s body. This technique allows surgeons to physically look at the affected area and repair the shoulder joint with minimal damage to the surrounding tissues and muscles.
  2. Rotator Cuff Repair
    A rotator cuff is a small group of tendons and ligaments that cover your shoulder joint, keeping the top part of your arm connected to the shoulder socket. However, when the rotator cuff gets damaged, it can lead to pain and limit arm movement. Rotator cuff repair surgery aims to reattach or strengthen the damaged tendons, restoring stability to the shoulder joint.
  3. Shoulder Replacement Surgery
    In cases of severe shoulder arthritis or irreparable joint damage, shoulder replacement surgery is necessary. The surgery involves replacing the damaged parts of the shoulder joint with metal parts, which effectively relieves pain and improves joint function.
  4. Labrum Repair
    The labrum is a cartilage made of soft tissue that surrounds the shoulder socket. It helps to provide stability and security to the shoulder joint. But when the labrum suffers from damage or a tear, it can lead to severe shoulder trauma. A labrum repair surgery, on the other hand, aims to restore stability by reattaching or removing the damaged tissue.
  5. AC Joint Reconstruction
    Acromioclavicular (AC) joint injury is a common shoulder injury that often results from a fall or direct impact. An AC joint reconstruction surgery is a detailed procedure that tends to reconstruct and stabilize the damaged ligaments to restore shoulder alignment.

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Patient Reviews

If this surgery is a little frightening, I understand. I interviewed doctors until I was satisfied that the one I chose was right for me. The pain and restriction of movement in my left shoulder was debilitating. Dr. Michael Cusick is totally committed to his trade. Complete total reverse shoulder replacement.

Kyle Powell

Don't get me wrong there was hiccups and waiting to have surgery seemed like forever but Dr. Cusick, his office staff and the hospital staff especially has been amazing. They went above and beyond to get my surgery approved so we wouldn't have to put it off longer. Dr. Cusick keeps a positive outlook even at times...

Kathy Zenker

Excellent surgeon. Great bedside manner. Had difficulty getting insurance paperwork filled out by office staff. Dr Cusick is awesome.

Gary Sevy

Long Story Short

Understanding the different types of shoulder surgery can help you understand which treatment to go for. Depending on the seriousness of the condition, you may need to get an arthroscopic surgery or sit through a labrum repair. Nevertheless, for more information on shoulder pain or to schedule an appointment, feel free to reach out to Michael C. Cusick, MD, at (713) 794-3599.


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