Elbow Fracture Treatment in Houston, TX

The elbow joint connects the bone of the upper arm (humerus) to the bones of the forearm (ulna and radius). If a fracture occurs in these bones, it can cause severe pain and movement restriction. Dr. Michael C. Cusick and his team utilizes the latest measures for the diagnosis and treatment of elbow fractures in Houston, TX. We will assess the type and severity of the fracture to choose the best treatment options.

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What Are The Signs of Elbow Fracture

Elbow fractures can occur as a result of a high-impact force or athletic injuries. You may not be able to figure out whether your elbow has fractured just by examining it. The possible signs of an elbow fracture include:

  • Elbow deformity
  • Bruising around the area
  • Pain when moving your elbow joint
  • Joint instability
  • Numbness in the area that may extend to one or more fingers
  • Swelling or inflammation
  • Tenderness around the elbow

If you notice any of these signs, don’t wait too long. Visit our Houston, TX, orthopedists as early as possible for elbow fracture treatment.

Questions About Elbow Fracture Treatment?

Treatment Options We Offer For Elbow Fracture Treatment in Houston, TX

The treatment for elbow fractures depends on multiple factors, depending on the type of fracture. If the fracture is nondisplaced (the bones are still in the correct position), then we may start with conservative options. However, if the fracture is severe or displaced (the bones have moved out of place), we will consider surgery. Surgical treatment may include:

  • Open Reduction and Internal Fixation
    In this procedure, our orthopedists will address the fracture and put the bones back into place using screws, plates, or pins. This special hardware secures the fractured bones in place and ensures that they heal properly.
  • Total Elbow Replacement
    If your bones are severely fractured or displaced and cannot be repaired, we will perform a total elbow replacement. During this procedure, our orthopedic surgeon will remove the damaged bone and soft tissues and replace the elbow with artificial parts. It restores the mobility of your elbow joint, allowing you to comfortably move your arm.
  • Malunion Surgery (Elbow)
    Malunion in the elbow occurs if the fractured bones fail to rejoin properly in the correct alignment. To address this issue, our orthopedic surgeon performs malunion surgery. The bone is exposed, and the fracture fragments are realigned in the correct position.

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Patient Reviews

If this surgery is a little frightening, I understand. I interviewed doctors until I was satisfied that the one I chose was right for me. The pain and restriction of movement in my left shoulder was debilitating. Dr. Michael Cusick is totally committed to his trade. Complete total reverse shoulder replacement.

Kyle Powell

Don't get me wrong there was hiccups and waiting to have surgery seemed like forever but Dr. Cusick, his office staff and the hospital staff especially has been amazing. They went above and beyond to get my surgery approved so we wouldn't have to put it off longer. Dr. Cusick keeps a positive outlook even at times...

Kathy Zenker

Excellent surgeon. Great bedside manner. Had difficulty getting insurance paperwork filled out by office staff. Dr Cusick is awesome.

Gary Sevy

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