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  • Denise Mika's Testimonial

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    My husband had knee replacement surgery on March 29th. Though there was a delay, Dr. Cusick kept his composure and performed a scheduled arthroscopic procedure while we waited for the instrumentation to be sterilized and checked upon opening in the OR. The procedure went very smoothly as I had expected!

    Dr. Cusick kept in touch with us and checked on him daily prior to qdischarge. He continued to check up on my husband at home and wasted no time re ordering his pain medication to keep my husband on his feet using that knee for quicker recovery.

    His assistant Alyssa, works very well in tandem with Dr. Cusick. She is quick to pass along messages to Dr. Cusick during his surgery day without interrupting his patient procedures! She’s really good at her job!

    Can’t say enough good things; TOH is lucky Dr. Cusick switched his base!

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