Shoulder Impingement Treatment in Houston, TX

Shoulder impingement is a common cause of shoulder pain. It happens when the bones in your shoulder pinch or rub against your rotator cuff (a group of muscles that connect your shoulder blade to the upper arm bone). You may experience pain, especially when moving your arms. At our facility, Dr. Michael C. Cusick and his team provide shoulder impingement treatment in Houston, TX, to get rid of your discomfort.

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Symptoms of Shoulder Impingement

Shoulder pain is one of the most common symptoms of this condition. Your shoulder may feel tender when you touch it. The pain can also radiate to the front of your shoulder and the arm. It may get worse at night, especially if you sleep on the affected side. Other symptoms include:

  • Difficulty in raising your arm above your head
  • Shoulder pain when you reach for something behind your back
  • Pain in the front or outer side of the shoulder
  • Weakness in your arm

If you notice these symptoms and they do not resolve within a few days or weeks, it is best to consult our Houston, TX, orthopedists for diagnosis and treatment of shoulder impingement.

Questions About Shoulder Impingement Treatment?

Treatments We Offer For Shoulder Impingement In Houston, TX

  • Conservative therapies
    For mild to moderate cases, we suggest non-invasive treatment options to improve the symptoms. These may include pain medications, physiotherapy, and activity modification to strengthen your joints and surrounding muscles. If the pain and inflammation do not improve, we may recommend steroid injections. However, strengthening exercises are still important to avoid shoulder stiffness.
  • Surgery
    Severe cases of shoulder impingement may benefit from surgery. Our orthopedists may suggest subacromial decompression, which involves widening the area around the rotator cuff tendon. It allows the rotator cuff to move more freely without rubbing against the shoulder bones. This procedure is generally done under general anesthesia. You will be able to go home within the same day or a day after surgery.

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Patient Reviews

If this surgery is a little frightening, I understand. I interviewed doctors until I was satisfied that the one I chose was right for me. The pain and restriction of movement in my left shoulder was debilitating. Dr. Michael Cusick is totally committed to his trade. Complete total reverse shoulder replacement.

Kyle Powell

Don't get me wrong there was hiccups and waiting to have surgery seemed like forever but Dr. Cusick, his office staff and the hospital staff especially has been amazing. They went above and beyond to get my surgery approved so we wouldn't have to put it off longer. Dr. Cusick keeps a positive outlook even at times...

Kathy Zenker

Excellent surgeon. Great bedside manner. Had difficulty getting insurance paperwork filled out by office staff. Dr Cusick is awesome.

Gary Sevy

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