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Your shoulder is a complex joint, and it is pretty vulnerable to dislocation, among other issues. Aging, daily use, medical conditions, injuries, and other factors can affect your shoulder. Dr. Michael C. Cusick and his orthopedic team offer exceptional shoulder procedures to get rid of your discomfort. When you get in touch with us, we will diagnose the shoulder problem you have and treat it accordingly.

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We do not compromise on the quality of our treatments. When you trust us with your shoulder health, we will use efficient techniques to ensure you receive top-notch services. Once you trust us, we will dedicate ourselves to restoring the health of your shoulder once again!

When to Visit Our Orthopedist for Shoulder Pain

There are many factors that can result in shoulder discomfort. Whether you had an accident or suffer from an underlying medical condition, shoulder pain is a sure sign you need to visit the doctor. Though shoulder conditions exhibit different symptoms, there are times when you should not neglect orthopedic care.

If you have a limited range of motion, such as when you are unable to lift your arm, it is crucial to get professional help. Pain is the most obvious sign of shoulder issues, and you should contact a specialist if your shoulder hurts when you move or use your shoulder and elbow; sometimes, they might hurt even when you are simply resting. The discomfort could cause difficulty falling asleep as well. Our orthopedists are trained to manage these situations, and they can help eliminate your issues with effective shoulder procedures.

Questions About Shoulder Procedures?

List of Our Shoulder Procedures

We offer a wide range of treatments, which include various shoulder procedures. Our treatments cater to your needs, and we treat your shoulder based on the present concerns. When you visit us, Dr. Cusick will make a diagnosis and proceed with suitable treatment. Our shoulder procedures include the following:

  1. Shoulder Joint Replacement
  2. Reverse Shoulder Replacement
  3. Revision Shoulder Replacement
  4. Shoulder Arthroscopy
  5. Rotator Cuff Repair
  6. Arthroscopic Bankart Repair
  7. Shoulder Labrum Reconstruction
  8. SC Joint Injury Reconstruction
  9. Capsular Release
  10. Minimally Invasive Shoulder Joint Replacement
  11. SLAP Repair
  12. Revision Rotator Cuff Surgery
  13. Shoulder Stabilization
  14. AC Joint Stabilization
  15. AC Joint Arthroplasty
  16. Acromioclavicular (AC) Joint Reconstruction
  17. Shoulder Hydro dilatation
  18. Bony Instability Reconstruction of the Shoulder
  19. Revision Open Labral Repair (Revision Bankart)
  20. Arthroscopic Superior Capsular Reconstruction (SCR)
  21. Complex Fracture Repair of the Shoulder
  22. Shoulder Resurfacing
  23. Shoulder Fracture Care
  24. Triceps Repair

Am I a Candidate for Shoulder Replacement Surgery?

Determining whether you’re a suitable candidate for shoulder replacement surgery involves a comprehensive evaluation. Factors include indications, symptoms, medical history, response to conservative treatment, and your input on the provided shoulder replacement questionnaire. Describe your pain level and its impact on movement, assess sleep disturbance, daily tasks, shoulder stability, and more. Your honest responses guide the assessment process, helping determine the appropriateness of shoulder replacement surgery for you.

We Care For Patients Experiencing

Patient Reviews

If this surgery is a little frightening, I understand. I interviewed doctors until I was satisfied that the one I chose was right for me. The pain and restriction of movement in my left shoulder was debilitating. Dr. Michael Cusick is totally committed to his trade. Complete total reverse shoulder replacement.

Kyle Powell

Don't get me wrong there was hiccups and waiting to have surgery seemed like forever but Dr. Cusick, his office staff and the hospital staff especially has been amazing. They went above and beyond to get my surgery approved so we wouldn't have to put it off longer. Dr. Cusick keeps a positive outlook even at times...

Kathy Zenker

Excellent surgeon. Great bedside manner. Had difficulty getting insurance paperwork filled out by office staff. Dr Cusick is awesome.

Gary Sevy

We Look Forward to Helping You!

Our orthopedic specialist is here to cater to all of your needs. Michael C. Cusick, M.D., offers multiple shoulder procedures, and we will proceed with the most suitable treatment. It is our goal to cater to your needs with utmost dedication. Call us today at (713) 794-3599 and schedule an appointment!

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